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Sifu Lo Man Kam


The nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man, Sifu Lo Man Kam began learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from his uncle at a very early age. To this day, he still progresses in Wing Chun, continually seeking to expand an already profound understanding of his art. Using his vast knowledge of martial arts, he has integrated Wing Chun’s proactive approach with joint locking and throwing skills to form the foundation of the Taiwan police martial art curriculum. He has further extended Wing Chun's philosophies and theories to apply to everyday life.

In 1974, Sifu Lo Man Kam established the first and only Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Taiwan. Distinguished as an unparalleled teacher, he has helped spread the Chinese fighting arts throughout the world. His school resembles a United Nations of Kung Fu, with students from 34 countries and territories: including Switzerland, Germany, the USA, France, Israel, Canada, Poland, Belgium, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, and many others.

Through his efforts, he has shared this aspect of Chinese culture, and has become something of a cultural ambassador for the Chinese people. Of course, Wing Chun is well known in martial arts circles as Superstar Bruce Lee's first fighting style. In fact, Sifu Lo was the giant's third senior kung fu brother in Hong Kong, and perhaps it is also this fact that draws so many foreigners to his school to join the Chinese who train there.

Sifu Gorden ...... after many years of learning, teaching, and developing Kung Fu, Sifu Lo Man Kam has also passed his art down to his son Sifu Gorden Lu in hopes that a new generation of Grandmaster Yip Man’s family will continue to lead in the promotion of Wing Chun. After completing study of the system under his father, Gorden continues to broaden his knowledge of Wing Chun under the tutelage of Sifu Lo’s close friend and junior brother, Sifu Duncan Leung.

From 1994 ~ 2000 living in America, Gorden has started teaching, using a fresh perspective and youthful enthusiasm to guide his students. At the same time, he maintains the classical training methods handed down from his father and kung fu uncle, thereby combining the modern with traditional, and helping foreigners easily understand and appreciate the intricacies and complexity of Chinese Wushu

Because of Sifu Lo's international reputation, kung fu schools from around the world seek out Sifu Lo to speak at seminars and demonstrations; both Sifu Lo and his son Gorden personally teach, making these events lively and exciting, and further helping participants to absorb the art. As such, they are the only Father-Son team to conduct seminars in American and European martial arts circles.

Currently, Sifu Gorden has followed in his father's footsteps holding the classes to develop Wing Chun at Hsin-Chu & Taichung cities ( the middle north and central part of Taiwan.)

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