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that leads you into your next technique.That makes WingChun a formidable art.

@Sceptics may argue that street con-frontations do not start with suchhand/arm contact . . .this is true, butthesecond form of Wing Chun teachestechniques that 'bridge the gap' fromnon-contact to contact. A punch, a block,brings contact, from contact you havefeeling. Thus you have Chi Sao.

@In training, Sifu Lo teaches his stud-ents to handle all situations rather thanjust compete. It's common, forexample,to see students sparring with one backed up against a wail.

@"We don't know where we'll getattacked, so we must be able to handleail situations."
@Sifu feels obliged to teach in full -there are no hidden secrets. He wantshis students to better him and he wouldbe happy if a student beat him - as ifthey ever could!
@He relates his school and students toa family.
"The father naturallywants hisson tobe better than him. How could a fathersay you mustn't do as well as I have."

@Sifu Lo Man Kam is a warm-heartedteacher who teaches in parables: para-bles that hold real philosophical truths,which help you understand your tech-niques, Wing Chun, the way. It is veryobvious that Kung-Fu is his life.

@With this introduction to Sifu Lo, I'veonly touched a very small and basic partof Wing Chun's complex system. SifuLo's school is open to all who have agenuine interest in learning Wing Chun.

@He can be contacted at: Pa-Tek Road,Section3,Lane 12, Alley 51, No 31 F4, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Tel: 02-25782405, Fax: 02-25774323.


@Wing Chun school in U.S.A : 3103 Silina Dr. # 102, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Tel: 757-486-8979 Fax: 757-463-1997. By Sifu Goden Lu (son of Lo Man Kam).